Who wants a kiss?

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Holiday Blues Watercolor

No Need to Enlarge Further

No Need to Enlarge Further

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Another Knitter in Watercolor (just a few more to go)

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A Knitting Husband Watercolor

And he does know how to knit!

And he does know how to knit!

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I don’t normally send my readers elsewhere to be entertained, but this is absolutely worth every moment of your time.  Weather is interesting, but these photos are astounding and will undoubtedly be difficult to forget.  Enjoy.


(Because of the amount of data, some of these pages may take more than a second to upload, but it’s worth the wait.)

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Trash Can Cats


Following the advice of numerous cat-rearing blogs, I am allowing Lucy and The Pumpkin out of the bedroom and into the rest of the house for about an hour a day.  (Remember, this bedroom is about 25′ X 25′; hardly a small space.)  I call the long hall from one to the other “Runway Niner” because of how fast, almost to the point of liftoff, they run down it when I open the door.

Lately I’ve been surprised at how the frenzy of their freedom has diminished.  The first time they were uncatchable.  But each day thereafter, they calm quicker and have now taken to exploring all the nooks and crannies that are their new home.  I give them this time not just to broaden their life experiences, but to get to the point when they near their first birthday and they will be given free rein; hopefully trained enough to behave themselves.  HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!   …Who am I kidding?!

The Pumpkin and I took a ride to the vet yesterday for this sneezing which is not responding to the L-lysine.  We came home with a script and a flea.  Good grief.  I couldn’t catch that flea, so it was back to the sink again for another Dawn bath.  Poor pitiful Pumpkin. He can’t catch a break – and neither can I.

They don’t seem to be interested in the two notes I’ve learned on the violin.  Guess I’ll have to sing along while I practice.  My neighbors should love that.


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Eight Lives Left: A True Cat Story

My sister-in-law is a pet lover and at any given moment she’ll have several cats and at least one dog.  Some of the rationale for this was to teach her children responsibility, but in truth she’s just a sucker for a cute, hairy face.

Years ago one of their cats, Max, went missing for several days.  Finally and most unfortunately, someone found him, belly up, and run over at the foot of their cul-d-sac. The kids were devastated.  There was near hysteria when their dad scooped Max into a shoebox to be buried in the backyard.  They made a headstone, had a very poignant ceremony including eulogies, and then a light lunch after.

Several more days go by and without much notice, Max slipped himself back into the house and was walking through the family room much to the astonishment of the entire family.  Clearly there was a cat buried out back; it just wasn’t Max.

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The Second-Best Day in Kitty History

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There’s an old saying that the only day better than the one when you bought a boat was the day you sold the boat.  For me, since I don’t own a boat but I do own two kittens, it’s the day I brought them home and TODAY, the day the kitty cage arrived.

Now before you write and say I’m jailing them, and they’ll hate me, I am doing this not for (just) myself, but for them; for their protection.  I’ve been reading volumes on kitty rearing and there are lists and lists of things that can hurt them, not the least of which is getting caught in a drawer, or hung on a cord, or drowned in the toilet because they managed to slip under the seat.  No, I’m not kidding. I’ve been having nightmares about stuff like this, and it is for this reason I bought this incredibly expensive cage.  They won’t be in it forever, but for the time being, it’s recommended as a safety measure.

It took me the better part of the afternoon (when I should have been baking cookies for this weekend’s cookie party) to put it together and then monitored them closely while they explored it.  Astonishingly enough, I kept the doors open for about three hours, and yet they stayed in (probably because of the novelty of it) and then I made them come out to run and get tired before I put them in for the night.

My bathroom is once again my own, and I don’t have to disturb them if I get up in the middle of the night, which is often now because I want to check on them.  I can take the towel off the toilet seat and remove the bowl covering the drain in the shower.  Also, I can put the toilet paper back on the holder and tissues on the counter – all of which went undercover when the kitties commandeered the bathroom.  And my toothbrush goes back into the toothbrush holder.  Hallelujah!

Free at last.  Free at last.  Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last.

p.s.  Lucy watched intently while I put this contraption together, but The Pumpkin went exploring.  My peripheral vision noticed he was not moving and I found him with a STINK bug in his mouth.  You guessed it; another bath.  His feet and mouth smelled awful, and then so did my hands.  I am telling you that this is harder than having a newborn child in the house – no wait….I mean twins!!!!  And by the way, just as heartwarming and fun.

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Lucy The Hood Ornament

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This is better as a side shot, but every time I go to take the pic, she turns to look at the camera!!!!!

The opportunity for this pose diminishes daily.  She’s growing so fast, in another week she won’t be able to do this.  The Pumpkin can’t stand up there now; though he tries he falls in a matter of seconds.

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Lucy and The Pumpkin: An Update

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Now that Lucy’s eye infection has resolved, The Pumpkin caught another cold.  Instead of a trip to the vet, again, I’m giving them both Lysine, an amino acid that ostensibly helps treat these.  She’s got a loose nose and she’s sneezing a lot, mostly right into my face.  (I have that going for me…)  I guess shelter kitties have their challenges, but I wouldn’t trade these babies for the world.  I’ve gotten more enjoyment as well as proficiency at painting with kittens on my shoulder or in my lap.  I can leave them now, and it appears they mostly sleep when I’m gone.

I let them explore the house the other day, and Lucy made a Bee-line for the fireplace.  She was covered with soot when I finally extricated her, and she got her first bath.  The Pumpkin just watched.  They play tag team with their antics, somehow knowing that I can’t handle two cats in the fireplace at one time.

They’ve learned the word “no” and have stopped biting.  And Lucy’s new trick is standing on top of the scratching post, all four feet in one small spot, looking every bit like a hood ornament.  I’ll be posting that picture soon.

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