Knitting Idea: Teapot Yarn Holder

Teapot Yarn Holder

A friend and I were discussing items that we could make and market that accessorize the burgeoning business of knitting.  Because of her background in ceramics she suggested a pot, something heavy, stable and secure, with a hole in the lid to place on the floor keeping the yarn clean, out of the way, and untangled. It would also inhibit cats from playing with the balls while allowing the yarn to be brought up from below, which is where you want your yarn stream while knitting.

After she left I started cleaning up….

Teapot Details

And as I was putting the dishes away I noticed an old teapot that struck me as the potential yarn holder we’d just been discussing.  It already had the lid and the hole (spout), and it was far prettier than anything we’d thought of.  This one is plenty heavy, so I tried it out and loved the results.  Of course you don’t want to be kicking the teapot with your foot and breaking it, but if it’s heavy enough to remain stable against the force of pulling the yarn out of it (which isn’t much), you could just place it on a table. The best part is that you won’t have to rewind your yarn, but rather pull from the center as the shape of the teapot and spout hold the yarn while you pull each new length.

Have a cup 'o yarn.

Set next to a little basket housing your project, I think this would be a nice design accent.  Or you could place it on a silver tray with a biscuit cloth covering the knitting.   I normally have my projects in plastic bags and hidden in drawers or closets.  Out of sight keeps them out of mind.  I’m going to try this for awhile and see if I knit more than usual – even if it’s only a row or two at a time.

Have you already seen one of these?  Or do I really have an original idea?

About Patsye

I am an older woman and artist. I love to craft. I love to sew and knit and crochet and needlepoint. I love to paint and draw and make art with my hands. Being creative is what gets me up in the morning. Art is my tea, my fresh air, my good book, and my cats all rolled into one. I have much to share and hope you'll visit often.
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19 Responses to Knitting Idea: Teapot Yarn Holder

  1. helen says:

    Wonderful idea, instead of the wool rolling around on the floor and not coming out of its seperate plastic bags. I have a collection of teapots I dont use, as I dont drink tea, I just love the teapots. Would this work for two threads being used together. I get the two balls tangled and it takes me ages to unsort them. Would you put the two balls in two teapots? helen from australia

    • maureenc says:

      I saw a gorgeous cup on etsy the other day! It was specifically made to use as a yarn holder, and had (only) one slot in the side for the yarn to feed out from the ball or reel. The price was slightly off-putting though, so I left it in the shop.
      One thought though, if you are using wool or thread wound on a spool: what about using a two reel holder as used for machine embroidery??

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re right Maureen. We’re in the pottery Mecca of NC, and I see lots of those yarn holders in the shops – all handmade.

  2. tami says:

    Love this idea! I haven’t heard of it before. Great idea. Pulling my tea pot out of the hutch!!

  3. Linda says:

    Ack! I just gave away three teapots! This is why I hang on to so many things; just as soon as you get rid of something…

    And sadly, I just stepped one of the three ceramic bowls I’ve been using for yarn holders too. It was a beautiful hand-thrown bowl. Only by breaking it could I truly appreciate the incredibly even thickness of it’s walls! It was the medium one, I still have the small and large.

    I’m looking at other items in a new light, thanks to your teapot idea. Perhaps I’ll use a silverplated pitcher with an ice-catching spout! I don’t mind that it doesn’t have a lid.

    • Go get them back…. (probably can’t do that, lol), but you can hit the flea market and get more. Isn’t this always the way of it? Thanks for commenting and reading my blog. Patsye

  4. That idea is genius! I have a yarn ball holder that my pottery-making college roommate made, but the ball always hops out when I yank on it for more yarn.

    • Yes, my girlfriend has made them, but as long as the teapot is heavy enough not to move when you pull (and pulling from the center end of the yarn is easier than rolling the ball around), then you’d be OK. Also, if you have a lighter weight teapot, you could always put a sandwich bag filled with sand at the bottom, which wouldn’t hurt the yarn and would stabilize the teapot. I see these in a row, filled with different colors of yarn, while someone knits entarsia or variegated patterns.

  5. maureenc says:

    What a wonderful idea! I can use the teapots that my late husband broke the handles from, with his”swishing the pot up and down!

  6. That is a brilliant idea! Just adorable too. As I started reading your post, I immediately thought of a woman who sells ceramic bowls that hold balls of yarn. There is a groove in the bowl to pull the yarn through. I thought it was a great idea, but I prefer something with a lid.

  7. cubbyholes says:

    That is such an adorable idea! And you can always find old teapots at flea markets and yard sales, too.

    • At the flea market I often see old coffee pots (taller) and hot chocolate pots (larger) that I probably wouldn’t want to drink from, but once through the dishwasher I wouldn’t mind putting yarn in them. Now I’m thinking they might be a cute way to store anything on a roll, like ribbons and twine. They just seem made for more than tea. Patsye

  8. Katharine says:

    I have not seen anything like this. Brilliant! Now to look for the perfect teapot in my stash…..

    • I think we all have at least one unused teapot around. I have a friend who collects them, and she wrote that she LOVES this idea. If you can’t find one, I’ll be happy to send you one of mine.

  9. northernnarratives says:

    Wow, I want to be your first customer 🙂 This is a great idea. I have seen yarn ball holders that are plastic. You may want to google yarn ball holders to see what you can find. Judy

    • I saw my first plastic one yesterday when I picked up a friend to go swimming. Her mom had it, and it was a drawstring clear pouch thing. It was cute. But it didn’t hug the floor or stay put. She’s looking for a teapot now. Patsye

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