Where’s George?

A "Where's George" Bill

Has anyone else gotten one of these bills? One was handed to me as change from a lunch, and I kept it in my wallet for the past couple of weeks because I didn’t have time to check out the website. Truthfully, I forgot about it.  Apparently this is old news, but as usual I am a bottom feeder in the sea of pop culture. It is a Series 2003, and looks it, but the website only had two entries, mine and one other.

The idea is intriguing; following the travels of a certain dollar bill.  I would imagine it could cover a lot of area in very little time, and if I had nothing better to do, I might go back and see where my bill is in the future.

Wikipedia indicates this has been going on since 1998, but not without controversy.  My bill was brightly marked with red which made it very distinctive and caught my immediate attention.  I doubt if you’d gotten one you might have missed it.

What will people think of next?  More Internet fun…

About Patsye

I am an older woman and artist. I love to craft. I love to sew and knit and crochet and needlepoint. I love to paint and draw and make art with my hands. Being creative is what gets me up in the morning. Art is my tea, my fresh air, my good book, and my cats all rolled into one. I have much to share and hope you'll visit often.
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4 Responses to Where’s George?

  1. cubbyholes says:

    This is pretty cool. I’ve never heard of this before. Makes me sort of want to mark one. LOL

  2. Sue McB says:

    Interesting – there was a similar but different things with books a while back, don’t know if it is still going. Called http://www.bookcrossing.com/. I think my daughter released a couple of books, but sadly never found any.

  3. I have seen these stamps on bills, but I never remembered to go track them down. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it. Where was the other entry for this bill? Did it travel far?

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