Downton Abbey Bowl

It is the dilemma of the century.  It is Super Bowl Sunday AND the next installment of Downton Abbey.  The game starts at 6:30. Downton Abbey comes on at 9.  And if it’s any game at all, that will be about the time I won’t want to leave it. We’ve been talking about it all weekend.

No, actually, we don’t have a DVR, or even a DVD player that can record on one station while we watch another.  We don’t have pay channels, but rather just the very basic cable that comes with the our association dues. Except for sports and good PBS programming, we don’t watch TV.

I can recite dialog from last season’s Downton Abbey.  But I can’t tell you who won last year’s Superbowl, or even who played in it!

So you know where my vote’s going.

What will you watch?

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10 Responses to Downton Abbey Bowl

  1. Deb says:

    Fortunately, there was no dilemma here since we don’t watch football, Canadian or American. Downton Abbey was excellent, as always. I found the Dowager Countess particularly funny last night – she made me LOL. If you don’t watch the show online before then, check your television listings for next Saturday night – they usually rerun the previous Sunday’s episode then.

  2. cubbyholes says:

    I didn’t get to “bed” until 12:30 this afternoon so I slept the day away. 🙂 I hate this schedule my body seems to be on right now. I want more daytime while I’m awake! I never heard of downtown abbey though. We don’t have pay channels either, but we do have a decent cable package, belong to blockbuster (the mail one like Netflix) and since I got my Nook we do have Netflix streaming which is cheaper than regular Netflix. Sweetie and I are HUGE TV and movie watchers, specially since I am up all night and there is nothing worth watching on tv. I had to google to see who won. I normally wouldn’t care but I live in New England so…. have to warn the sweetie not to bust their chops at work. It could get ugly. lol.

  3. lelia says:

    We had a similar conversation here. The kidz want to watch Superbowl half time show. And, when I look at the T.V. listings — usually the previous episode of DA is shown, then the new episode airs.

    so, guessing we start with Superbowl. Maybe half time will be over by the time DA starts.

    (I don’t care for sports — the ads and festivities are usually entertaining, the game a snooze)

  4. kittyhere says:

    I don’t like football but I do have a fancy TV which would allow me to watch Downton Abbey with a small picture within picture of the game. That had not even crossed my mind until I read your post.

  5. Jackie says:

    I don’t need to see anything SuperBowl except for half time. If for some reason I miss Downton Abbey, I’ll pick it up at pbs online tomorrow.

  6. Maxine Cook says:

    You can watch previously aired episodes of Downton Abbey on your computer. So if you get stuck watching the Super Bowl, you can still watch DA afterwards on your computer. Better than not being able to see it at all! Here is a link to the PBS website where you can watch these:

    Note that the episode slated to air tonight that competes with the Super Bowl is Episode 5. It will probably be available to watch beginning tomorrow. All of the previously aired episodes have an expiration date, i.e., last weeks’ episode #4 expires on 3/7.

    Maybe it’s time to invest in a minimal cable subscription that provides DVR functionality or in a DVR machine for times like these… Max

  7. Katharine says:

    We have the same conundrum here. My vote is for Downton Abbey, of course, but I may have to compromise. We’ll see.

    • Hi Katharine! The rub is I know we’ll start with the Super Bowl, but will I have the courage to switch channels? Fortunately we do have another television, but both of us agree it will have to be heck of a game to keep us watching and NOT leave for Downton Abbey. To me, Downton is like a bowl game every week! I wait for it. I plan for it! I love this series!!!

  8. Northern Narratives says:

    It’s Downton Abbey for us tonight 🙂

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