Lucy The Hood Ornament

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This is better as a side shot, but every time I go to take the pic, she turns to look at the camera!!!!!

The opportunity for this pose diminishes daily.  She’s growing so fast, in another week she won’t be able to do this.  The Pumpkin can’t stand up there now; though when he tries he falls in a matter of seconds.

About Patsye

I am an older woman and artist. I love to craft. I love to sew and knit and crochet and needlepoint. I love to paint and draw and make art with my hands. Being creative is what gets me up in the morning. Art is my tea, my fresh air, my good book, and my cats all rolled into one. I have much to share and hope you'll visit often.
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6 Responses to Lucy The Hood Ornament

  1. I’ve missed SO many posts while I’ve been poorly and I’m trying to plough through your posts and catch up … and when I found this post which I’d missed I just HAD to leave a comment about this incredible, amazingly beautiful kitty, Lucy. She’s magnificent! Her colouring, the volume of her fur coat, the colour of her eyes, and the way she holds herself (proud as punch and full of enquiries which puzzle her) – make her one truly noble, very regal Princess of the cat variety.

    (I hope you realise that you don’t own her. Oh no. It’s Her Highness, Princess Lucy, in actual fact, who owns you.)

    Pumpkin on the other hand …
    Lucy is of the opinion that Pumpkin is merely her hand (paw) servant and there to fight her battles; catch her a mouse or two is she feels like a snack; and generally take the blame for anything which gets broken in the house.

    Pumpkin isn’t owned by you either. Lucy owns him too.

    Oh Patsye, I can clearly see how and why you’ve fallen so deeply in love with these two little scraps. Through you – I too love them … along with all your other blog followers.

    Thank you for sharing them with us all.
    love ~ Cobs. x

    • whimseytopia says:

      You write the absolute best comments. It’s like a letter from home. Thank you for reading, and writing. It’s such a joy to hear from you. The “children” are huge; growing every single day. My husband is home for the holidays and we’re enjoying the heck out of these little critters. They’ve taken to him quickly, and he loves how they just jump all over him while he’s trying to read or watch tv. If they see you holding still for any reason, they “attack.” It’s too cute. Patsye

  2. Irati Mtz says:

    Nice pic! Really cute

  3. How cute. Love those green eyes!

  4. Kathy Mersinger says:

    I love these cats !!

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