Medical, Magical, Mystical Copper

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If you Google copper you’ll find it has purported medical, magical, and mystical powers.  Wiki thinks so highly of copper I’m not sure if I believe all of it, even with the 130 references. Being a nurse, however, I am aware of the necessity of having the right minerals in your diet.  I once read about a condition wherein if your body is low on certain minerals, you’ll be inclined to eat dirt.  Eewe.

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Well, if copper really is that good for you, I should be in great shape because I’ve been handling it for almost three weeks straight. Aside from the trace amounts I am absorbing through my skin, and which will eventually make it into my bloodstream, tonight I got a big fat sliver of it in my finger.  Not comfortable, and it took awhile to get it out.

About Patsye

I am an older woman and artist. I love to craft. I love to sew and knit and crochet and needlepoint. I love to paint and draw and make art with my hands. Being creative is what gets me up in the morning. Art is my tea, my fresh air, my good book, and my cats all rolled into one. I have much to share and hope you'll visit often.
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4 Responses to Medical, Magical, Mystical Copper

  1. Debra Batman says:

    These are beautiful Patsye

  2. OUUUUUUCH! on the sliver in your finger. awww… I squirmed in my chair!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the two tone back facing letter S shaped pendant! That has something about it which calls to me and I hear my heart answering it. Fabulous piece.

    The other beautiful piece makes me think of the seven stepped Jacob’s ladder of the ancient mysteries. Was this the inspiration for this fabuous design … or did you have something else in mind.

    Whatever it was … it’s a beautiful piece of art, Patsye.
    ~ Cobs. x

    • Patsye says:

      No real inspiration except to see if I could do it. Pounding the metal pieces that are so close together takes practice and a good sense of proprioception. I have whacked my fingers a few times. Seems like there is some downside to this and swollen hands in the a.m. is one of them. Thanks for reading my blog. Patsye

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