Recommended Books List

The following is my recommended books list.  I will add to this as I write my small reviews that hopefully encourage you to read these books.  The five-star rating system is both tried and true and the easiest to use.  I suspect most of what will be listed here will have four stars or better because I often read others’ reviews before buying or borrowing a book.  My reasons for making this list are varied, but the most important of them is to share these wonderful stories with others.  As much as I love reading blogs on WordPress, I am addicted to reading good books. It is the best thing about retirement!

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1.  Ahab’s Wife, or the Star-Gazer by Sena Jeter Naslund 1999.  Simply the best book I’ve ever read.  Five+ Stars  

2.  My Name is Mary Sutter, by Robin Oliveira 2010.  Graphic Civil War novel about the trials and tribulations of a woman seeking to become a surgeon in a time when women were only considered qualified to be nurses.  Historical Fiction.  I love this book and recommend it to anyone.  Five Stars

One Response to Recommended Books List

  1. maureenc says:

    I took your advice, and read both, and look forward to more reviews and suggestions.

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